11 Awesome free keyword research tools for SEO in 2022
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11 Awesome free keyword research tools for SEO in 2022

Is a lack of genuine traffic losing your business?

If people are not able to find your website in google top search results, you’re missing out on leads, traffic, as well as sales.

One of the effective ways to solve this issue and increase your traffic is with the help of keywords tools.

The reason keywords are essential for boosting organic traffic is due to the searches only find the content if it is relevant according to google what the people are searching for. Google uses that keyword as an important ranking factor.

That means the right way to assist search engines to understand that your content is relevant is to add terms that people are usually typing into google to find the best results.

Use The relevant keywords and your content will be visible to more people and will reach the top of google search result pages.

So, how do you find which term users are using more to find your content?

Simple, adding keyword research tools in your toolbox.

There Are so many benefits of using free keyword research tools. The first is to get more terms that people usually search on google, that you can use in your content.

In this article, we going to share the best keyword research tools 2022 to help you get well started. Not only we mention the name of the tools buy also help you know how to use these keywords tools to optimize your content for ranking top on SERPs.

Our pick of free keyword research tools for SEO in 2022:

free keyword research tools


1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

The Google keyword planner is an important part of the Google AdWords. It is one of the most used and popular free keyword search tool. It allows users to find and analyze lists of keywords with their search quantity. This tool is made as a paid keyword search tool however it’s data is extremely useful for SEO.

With the help of keyword planner you can search:

  • Average search volume for a particular period.
  • Keyword ideas based on a landing page, phrase or product category.

How to use?

The initial step is very simple, just enter the keyword into the keyword search box.
Press enter once you enter your keyword in the search box. You will get a list of the most popular keywords.


2. Google Trend

google trend

Google trend is on the second number on our list. It helps you calculate brand popularity, identifies new markets prepare for a new business trip. Communicate more clearly and track tech trends. It shows the relative demand for a keyword.

How to use?

Type the keyword and enter, you will see some options on your screen listed below. The related topics that it shows might assist you to find your keywords. There are different ways to use Trends for keyword research:

The first method is, you can search for a specific keyword and take a look at the displayed options.
The second method is, you can check if whether a keyword is or not growing in popularity.


3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is among the top three best keyword research tool 2022 used by the users. If you expect any tool to offer you with all the best keywords and data that you and your business requirements to make the right decisions then this is the right tool to use.

Ubersuggest offers you with the relevant keyword that is not anywhere available.

How to use?

Type in the keyword box and click on “suggest”. It generates a wide list of keywords that help you to find the useful keywords.


4. Keyword shitter

keyword shitter

Keyword Shitter is really a simple to use keyword research tool. The name of the tool itself denies its purpose. It is useful in keyword research that can be utilized on your blog for the future post. It provides you with short tail keywords, long-tail keywords to the first keyword that you enter into the search box. Buy this tool cannot be utilized for advances in keyword analysis.

How to use?

This tool is extremely simple to use ad you can learn it in a fraction of seconds. First, you need to visit the website and enter your keyword in the keyword research box. After entering your seed keyword you will see a broad list of keywords being generated by the tool.

The list will be too long that you might get confused which one to use in your post. But it’s the best feature positive and negative filter will solve this problem. It disappears the useless keywords. This tool is very useful in providing long-tail keywords.


5. Soolve


Soolve is an effective keyword research tool that united best keyword research results from the major providers like bing, google, Answers.com, Amazon, Wikipedia etc. This tool is very simple to use. You can also save suggestions to use it later.

How to use?

As soon as you enter your seed keyword, different search engines that you have set will begin showing keyword suggestions all over the page. To see the keyword CPC and search volume install the browser Addon on your system. When you move your cursor over the keyword, you will see the CPC and volume details


6. Keyword Suggestion Tools

Keyword suggestion tool

Keyword suggestion tool finds you the list of relevant keywords and allows users to download the displayed data by simply entering your genuine email address. It gives you the accurate data that is relevant to your topic.

How to use?

To start getting useful and popular keyword suggestions just enter a topic or a keyword. You can also enter the URL of a webpage to know keyword data of that specific page, it can be more useful if you are looking at your competitor’s campaigns.


7. Keywordtool.io

Some say that” In a world with more than 1 billion SEO tools, the keyword Tool pro is the best and useful keyword research tool among billions”. In the past some years, this tool has become a major part of the SEO toolkit and content marketing.

How to use?

Like any other keyword research tool, first, you need to enter the seed keyword in the column of research keyword. After you type the keyword, click on enter and you will get display all the possible google suggestions on your screen.


8. Keywords everywhere

Keywords everywhere

Keywords everywhere is unarguably one of the best and most effective keyword extension because, for SEO, keyword research is everything. Without keyword research, you are it able to know what search terms to focus and how to optimize a website effectively. Not just searching the relevant keyword, keywords everywhere allow you to get cost per click, monthly average search volume as well as competition data for your keywords list.

How to use?

It is very simple to use. You are only required to choose some pair of keywords from any specific website and then click on the right to get displayed the research keyword data for your selected words. Through this, you will be able to see the cost per click, keyword search volume, competition data on several websites like google webmaster tools, google analytics, Ubersuggest, etc.


9. KW finder

KW finder

KWfinder is one of the best keyword research tools to find you thousands of long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volume. The best feature of this tool is that it is very simple to use as it has a user-friendly interface and especially with metrics to offer an immediate help to your efforts.

How to use?

To begin your keyword research, you have to go to the KWfinder website. Create a new account, it is free. On its homepage, you will see three big tabs. They are Autocomplete, suggestions, and questions.

Enter the first keyword in suggestions box then click on find keywords button. You will get the list of trending keywords as per CPC, SEO difficulty, PPC, search, volume.


10. SE Cockpit

SEO Cockpit

Concise and relevant keyword research is undoubtedly the most crucial and important process for any website. So, SE Cockpit is the best tool that provides you a wide range of keywords and also displays the details of the top websites that are ranking for that specific keywords to know what it would need to beat them.

How to use?

Log in to the account and you will go to the dashboard directly, there you can get so many keyword suggestions with just one click. You need to do more digging for finding the most relevant keyword for your content.


11. Keyword Tool

keyword Tool pro

Keyword tool is self-explanatory and is really useful for your business. You can find keywords not only in one language, it allows you to find keywords in various languages. This tool is very effective and provides you with the best keyword suggestion that other websites.

How to use?

Let’s put the seed keyword in a keyword research box and press enter, once you’ve entered a keyword and clicked on the search button, you’ll get numerous ideas displayed on your screen. No special knowledge is required to run this tool on your system.


12. SEM Scoop

SEMScoop Keyword Tool is a smart out of the box keyword research and SERP analysis tool for digital marketers, bloggers, and small businesses who are interested in improving their site’s overall ranking. It can help find true ranking opportunities & low SEO difficulty terms to create smart and competitive contents.


Concluding words:

All of these keyword search tools will offer you the information you require regarding the keywords you’re looking for. What do you think of all which of these tools do you use? I will not suggest you to use all tools, but to stick to one or two for your work.