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In the age of digitization, the prominence of search engines is fairly high. Individuals around the world resort to platforms like Google to make a range of different searches – right from asking basic questions to making in-depth researches. In the Silicon Valley of India, the market is highly competitive, especially when it comes to small businesses and startups. This makes it important for organizations to look for the best SEO expert in Bangalore to improve the visibility of their brands.

Organic SEO allows businesses to obtain and sustain the desired traction as their prospects seek their offerings online. With billions of searches made on Google every day, SEO allows you to make more people aware of your brand and encourage them to engage with your business.


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Freelance SEO Services In Bangalore


If you are willing to climb the coveted ladder of search engine results pages (SERPs), your search for freelance SEO services in Bangalore ends here! Based on the objectives you are willing to achieve, the audience you are willing to target, and the industry you operate in, our SEO experts help you get your website ranked high on the SERPs.

Along with its bouquet of personalized digital marketing services, Mumbai-Freelancer is your SEO expert in Bangalore that provides you with an ideal mix of on-page and off-page services to get your site indexed higher by search engines. With the company as your freelance SEO expert in Bangalore, you can avail of our holistic digital marketing services as and when you need them.

We strongly believe that Google will love your brand only if others love it first. Create an amazing brand value that lasts with our SEO services in Bangalore!

What Is Included In Our SEO Services?

Analyzing And Targeting Keywords

Keywords are always the pillars of an effective SEO campaign. They guide your prospects and customers towards your offerings and help you land on your website. As your trusted SEO consultant in Bangalore, our team helps you select and analyze the most suitable keywords for your project. Based on your requirements, our SEO experts would analyze the density, volume, and difficulty of the chosen keywords to drive more traffic to your website.

Website Audit

Before starting with an SEO campaign, it is always important to understand the current status and position of your website. This provides you with a sense of direction and the metrics to focus on. Our experts undertake a thorough analysis and audit of your website to obtain the desired results.

We help you find the right configuration for your website right to the server level. Undertaking website audits would also help you understand the areas that need to be improved and the methods that would prove fruitful in meeting Google’s ranking algorithms. At the end of the day, our goal is to help your website land on the very first page of Google search results!

On-page SEO

Through on-page SEO, we help you make changes within the structure and content of your website to make it impressive for search engines. Our team would provide you with end-to-end SEO services involving working on the HTML codes of your website, making necessary changes to the source code, adding SEO-friendly headings, using the right tags for images, writing suitable descriptions, and much more. All these changes would be made to your website with the intention of getting it ranked high on the SERPs.

Building Quality Links

Link building plays an important role in off-page search engine optimization. As your freelance Salesforce experts in Bangalore, we help you create quality backlinks and increase Unique Root Domains for your website. This would help us increase the credibility and visibility of your website on the internet. Moreover, our team of SEO experts would assist you in analyzing the backlinks built by your competitors to get an edge over them.

Creating Quality Content

The quality of content posted on your website affects the manner in which they are crawled and indexed on SERPs. Irrespective of taking all possible measures, Google will never rank your website if its content is plagiarized and vague.

Our SEO services include the creation of original, engaging, and business-specific content for your website. Our team of writers possesses years of professional experience in providing personalized content marketing services. We help you generate quality content for all the pages of your website along with the keywords to be targeted.

Being In Sync With Google Updates

If you want your website to be easily discoverable on Google, it is important to adhere to its standards and regulations. The search engine giant keeps updating its terms, making it important for businesses to comply with them in order to rank better.

With our team as your SEO expert in Bangalore, you can rest assured that we will help you keep track of the latest Google updates and tailor our services based on the same.

Analyzing Your Competitors

We live in an age where markets across the board are brimming with competition. It is important to stand out from the clutter to create your niche in the industry. Understanding the strategies used by your competitors would help you build a robust SEO campaign.

Our SEO strategy would involve analyzing the performances of high-performing competitors in the industry you operate in. Our team would also provide you with case studies of your contemporaries that have done well and the ones that failed. This would help you understand the needs of your customers, implement the strategies that work, and steer away from the practices that don’t.

Providing Periodic Reports

Being your SEO expert in Bangalore, Mumbai-Freelancer keeps a track of all the processes undertaken during the course of your SEO campaign and provide you with periodic reports of the same. This would help you quantify the results obtained and calculate the ROI generated. You can rest assured that our detailed reports will help you make important business decisions regarding marketing your offerings.

We strongly believe that Google will love your brand only if others love it first. Create an amazing brand value that lasts with our SEO services.

Why Choose Our SEO Services In Bangalore?

Thorough Need Analysis

Our SEO experts would analyze all your business needs before starting with the project. We would help you create an action plan, identify the metrics to focus on, and develop a project timeline to follow an organized approach.

Skilled Professionals

Our team of SEO experts comprises skilled and dedicated professionals having years of experience in the industry. Right from conducting market research to creating quality content, all our SEO services are provided by a motivated in-house team.

Complete Transparency

We do not believe in keeping things from our clients! As your SEO expert in Bangalore, the company would provide you with all relevant details regarding your project in complete detail. You can rest assured that no decision will be taken without your consent.

Organic Reach

Forcing SEO practices to get a better reach never helps a business sustain its ranking. We provide you with organic SEO services to help you rank high on the SERPs without compromising the ethics.

Focus On Brand Visibility

The main focus of all our SEO services is to increase the visibility of your brand on the internet. We believe that higher brand visibility helps you attract more prospects and encourage them to engage with your business over your competitors.

Business-specific Services

We do not believe in following the “one size fits all” approach! Our services are tailored based on the industry you operate in and the offerings of your business. This allows you to focus on your target audience and build a fruitful SEO campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, it takes around 4 to 6 weeks for building a website and around 3 to 6 months for building a web application. However, there is no fixed time period that applies to every site or application. The development time for your website/application would depend on its functionality, tools used, the purpose of development, the level of customization required, and changes made before it goes live.
However, our web development services are flexible. If you are willing to build an application or a site on an urgent basis, we can shorten the development time by allocating more time and resources to your project.
As the need for digitization increases, so does the need for SEO. Today, a plethora of internet users prefer searching for products and services by making a simple Google search. If your website does not appear on the first page of Google search results, it is likely that it wouldn’t be discovered by your prospects and customers.
If you need to stand out from the clutter and make your presence felt on the internet, it is important to undertake SEO practices to promote your brand.
There can be several reasons behind your website not getting ranked on Google. If your website is fairly new and hasn’t built enough authority on the internet, it wouldn’t be ranked high on Google. It would also not get ranked on Google if the content of your website does not match the keywords used and searches made by the users.
Moreover, if you happen to violate the Webmaster Guidelines of Google, you would receive a penalty. This would affect the ranking of your website on Google SERPs.
In order to understand why your organic traffic has dropped, it is advisable to identify whether the drop is sudden or gradual.
If there is a sudden drop in your organic traffic, check if your website has added "noindex" tags added accidentally. This often happens when developers move a website from the test environment to make it live. You can also check Google Search Console to see if your website has been removed due to malware issues. If Google feels that your site may be harmful to the users, it would be removed from the search results.
If the drop in your organic traffic is gradual, it is possible that Google has rolled out a core algorithm update that has seen other websites on the platform gain more traffic. The reason behind a gradual drop can also be aggressive SEO strategies adopted by your competitors. This only means that you need to surpass them with better strategies!
There is no standard period of time that it takes for a website to get ranked on Google. It depends on multiple factors. After development, Google would rank your website as it builds authority.
If you want your website to be on the top of Google SERPs, it may take around six months to one year for it to be ranked. However, it is important to note that this would depend on the resources you use, the competition in the industry, and a range of other factors.
It is common for businesses to get confused between allocating their resources to SEO and PPC ads. Ideally, it is always advisable to invest in multiple digital marketing tools to obtain the best results. However, if you run a smaller business and budget plays an important role in making marketing decisions, it is advisable to invest in a long-term SEO strategy with a small but targeted PPC ad campaign. While the PPC ad campaign would make more people aware of your brand, SEO would help them find a way to your website.
Businesses often use the terms “on-page SEO” and “technical SEO” interchangeably. However, it is important to understand that the two are not the same.
On-page SEO is a set of practices revolving around the content of your page, images, meta tags, and more. It deals with the contents of your website that are visible to users.
On the other hand, technical SEO deals with the process of crawling and indexing your website on search engines. It takes into consideration technical aspects such as XML sitemaps, site speed, structured data, and more.
It is always important to identify and remediate SEO errors to ensure the smooth performance of your website on search engines. You can use suitable site audit tools to identify problems and monitor technical SEO issues with your website. These tools would provide you with reports dealing with site performance, HTTPS, site crawlability, and more.
To be honest, there is no definite answer to this question. The content of a web page should long enough to convey all the messages intended by the site owner effectively. Instead of focusing on the length of the content, it is advisable to focus on its quality, structure, and use of keywords. These factors would affect the ranking of your website on SERPs.

We strongly believe that Google will love your brand only if others love it first. Create an amazing brand value that lasts with our SEO services.

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