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I am working as SEO expert in India since last ten years. I found my company Mumbai Freelancer in the year 2007 and had been expanding work environment as SEO Consultant India with over fifty SEO clients. Under these there are local businesses and massive logos focusing on ROI, conversion and traffic. Not only in Mumbai but you can also consult me in Pune. With me you may get expected up to the mark solutions for your website’s performance.

Significance of Apt SEO Solutions

It’s an era where every business unit is moving on towards the approach of Global existence and looking in towards acing their abilities. Well, this has brought in a great change in the perspective of judging success.

SEO consultancy in this case lets you reach a higher level. After all, who wants to be lagging behind? Considering your requirements and positive view towards growth, I’d try to extend the best ladder reaching higher every time. With a complete package of all possible services you may be finding, this can prove to be one of the best decisions of your work environment.

Amalgamation always ensures amplification in abilities, skills and power. Hence, rather than working alone, I prefer amalgamation of our passion with skills and ideas of excellent SEO freelancer in India and SEO experts in the local arena to present the best results before you.

Link Building

There are numerous factors that would affect the performance of your website on global search engines. It is may therefore be difficult for you to realize the root cause of improper recognition for your site. However, I would always come up with proper solutions and process for all possible tribulations. Well, these Link building services would probably consist of everything you’ve strived for.

There would be an unimaginable impact of Link Building on the performance and position of your website. This is therefore the most commonly opted solution for such requirements. These services and website would always prove to be functional and valuable for you. However, it is always important to use meaningful links and avoid unnecessary link building in order to increase search Engine ranking. You may otherwise end up making your task complex and ace difficulties in handling it.

At Mumbai Freelancer, I assure quality rich and customer satisfactory job for every undertaking. This is done by analyzing the actual requirements of my clients and finding solutions in compliance to the same.

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Benefits with Us



We at Mumbai freelancer set realistic deadlines and stick to them. We continually communicate with our clients to provide them all updates about their project. 



We offer our reliable and high-quality SEO services at a cost that every individual or company can afford.



Our experts will design solutions that digitally fulfills your business demands. SEO experts at Mumbai freelancer are burnished in their respective fields.



Our experience in the SEO sphere is unrivaled. We have created and marketed thousands of websites in several industries.  



Our collaborative team of progressive thinking experts has worked with thousands of different types of industries.  

Our knowledge and understanding have obliged us to market many types of businesses effectively and efficiently.



The skillful experts of a well-known SEO Consultant in Pune are here to assist you in leading your business with full safety.

SEO Consulting Services

SEO Consulting Services

Consulting opens up a better work environment and a clear perception towards interpreting various issues. You may choose to plan meetings with me and look for better insights on considerable issues. I would be glad to share my knowledge and experience with aspiring industries. Being a specialized SEO Expert India, my consultancy services would surely pave way for better revenue, increasing traffic and splendid Ecommerce insights for your websites.

Elements On My Focus

There is an array of tremendous services that I extend. These services ensure measurable and powerful consequences for desired websites. All of these services had been set with profound researches so that probable effects are seen within a suitable time period. SEO and Increasing visibility of your websites is linked with many more topics. These services include the following:

  • Technical SEO Audits
  • International SEO
  • Google Penalty Removal
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Youtube SEO

    Other Benefits

    When you opt for such services and guidance, there are many other elements which are going to work well with your websites. Here are some you may consider:

  • Content Marketing
  • Manual Outreach
  • Site Speed
  • Reputation Management
  • Analytics
  • SEO Consultant India
    On Page Optimization

    Technical SEO Audits

    Technical SEO audits ensure correct configuration of websites at server level. This is done through well formatted sitemaps, good database structure and canonicalization. Though the limelight is often stolen by off site SEO or Link Building, onsite techniques play a major role as per the Google ranking algorithm. Technical SEO can never be faked, appropriate levels of expertise and knowledge is essential to look for potential issues and interpret data accordingly.

    A Technical SEO audit is probably the first step in my process for any of my clients. From content, use of robots to code bloat and crawl issues it would consider about 250 individual points. Google prefers websites which possess proper categorization and good structure. The audit would also take into account the URL structure and database structure of the website, and a brief look at the back link profile.

    Off Page Optimization

    International SEO

    An essential requirement of a multinational business is a website which can perform well and cater to varied languages, expectations and markets. Well, international SEO is much more than just spinning content into different languages; there are a lot of decisions to be made. Some considerable decisions are about the use of a different ccTLD, a sub domain or sub directory to structure the multilingual website. I do this with feedbacks and support all through the process of site building and through health checks even after the website had been structured.

    Competition Analysis

    Google Penalty Removal

    Significant drop in rankings and dwindling organic traffic may bring catastrophic consequences in case of revenue and leads. If this is the case then you my further have to face manual penalty or algorithm devaluation of your website. Being specialized in Google algorithm and manual actions since the past years, I work closely to ensure that the Google penalty removal services I extend are geared along the latest industry knowledge. As an experienced SEO consultant I would surely come up with appropriate support for your website.

    Competition Analysis

    Ecommerce SEO

    Getting your Ecommerce website doing well in organic searches is not that difficult as it would seem in the beginning. However, there are still many decisions which need to be taken with utter care. Usually, categorization and structuring of products is found to be an issue with ecommerce websites, posing different challenges. There are some more issues in this context. However, I would let you fetch the most from your website with the best of my SEO knowledge.

    Competition Analysis

    Youtube SEO

    Video promotion is another very important marketing tool for any websites looking for a better position. Videos may consist of any promotions or product details. We consider Youtube SEO to be the major platform for such promotions. This may prove to be a key source of increasing the reach of your website. However, this is done by ensuring that videos are engaging and attractive enough to drive visitors towards them. I would always find ways so that this is done with the correct sizes and quality of these videos.

    Competition Analysis

    Content Marketing

    Customers get from their impression about the business with a single glance at the content on your website. It is therefore important to ensure that content presented on your websites is attractive, engaging and equally useful for visitors to your site. Not only the correct content but also its reach to an optimum number of users is necessary for improved ranking and increased access to the website.

    Therefore, it is to be ensured that effective and meaningful content is presented on your website and promote it to the best levels of reach. I look forward for the creation and distribution of consistent, relevant and valuable content which can acquire a well defined audience. Also, set it in a way that it drives some profitable action from customers for your business.

    Competition Analysis
    Manual Outreach

    Among all important factors involved in perfect website performances, one is manual reach. It is very important to get connected to various other links which have made their place on the search engines. I would help you set up links with other websites through back links or other specific procedures in order to achieve expected results. I strive to get the well set public relations for your website and promoting it to further look on as a highly accessible brand.

    Competition Analysis

    Site Speed

    Visitors are always impressed with websites which work faster and smoother. This is something really important as speed is like a finishing touch to a well set, beautiful website. With these services improve the speed of your website ensure better working of your website and superb feedbacks with excellent strategies.

    Competition Analysis

    Reputation Management

    In the current business environment you can never afford to take your reputation lightly. The way you perceive the needs of the world and the effectiveness of your brand name should be clear to you. You need to keep up with the best public image and effective content on your website always. Since there are no second chances when it comes to reputation, I focus on letting you experience the best within the first move itself.

    Competition Analysis


    Use of analytics reporting is considered to be more detailed and comprehensive. With this you can evaluate and fine-tune the campaigns on your website. I will let you have all these details on your fingertips and the activities of your website during every hour which passes by. This is perfect for making effective moves.

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