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Our SEO Strategy boosted Traffic and Visibility for a Leading Pet Store Services Provider.

Over the last month, we ensured an 88% increase in Organic Traffic, 3946 page views, and 86k impressions. In addition, 90% of our targeted keywords for Pet store are ranking in SERP, out of which 70% are ranking on the first page of Google SERP.

About Project

Doggywala is a Pune-based website for pet sales. It offers breed services for dogs of various origins, mostly overseas breeds of dogs. The website is an online store for Pets and puppies. The site is a common working platform for Pet Sellers and buyers.


We assumed that the client is a sophisticated name in the segment of selling dogs /puppies. Like any business, they expect a healthy viewership of their website and get genuine visitors looking for products from their itinerary.

For the business to attain this, it requires a good organic search volume and Domain authority in Google search, i.e., SERP.

Brand awareness and branding is a prerequisite that the business needs. Not just this, but the site has to be accessible to viewers and delivers content that attracts buyers.

We expected the business to get a good volume of nearby searches. For this reason, we created content that is to the point and supplemented by interesting images.

The client wanted more and more local enquiries. The client's only need here was to highlight all their third-party services to be displayed in realistic ways to their Selling sources and buyer's market audiences.

SEO Process

We began with a joint meeting with our clients and convinced them about the Site ranking methods and approaches that need to be improved.

We decided to up a genuine organic search process by considering local clients' expectations from a niche market. We had to do comprehensive competitor research to develop our further strategy. We also conducted complete topic research in the Pets Sale business.
We began by doing keyword analysis for all the pet breeds required for the site content. Then, we partook in a lot of Content creation for all breeds and added SEO keywords for this content. For our next type of approach, we did an on-site page optimization with a schema design for the site contents and an effective SEO ranking.
Following this, we did many local site listings and directory submissions on the local market level to generate more local inquiries. Finally, we aimed to meet the client's expectations by generating local level enquiries by networking the site on various domain authorized Sites, forums, groups, etc.
We did this for a few months very effectively to get desired search and inquiry results for all breeds. We continuously updated our on-page content with all types of Meta tag analysis, internal linking, anchor texting, web content curation, etc. Apart from this, we also conducted Social platform marketing, Directory registering, etc. These SEO activities working in tandem brought results that increased the search volume.

At MF, we believe in optimizing websites for the users and not for the crawlers.

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