How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website With SEO
Search Engine Optimization

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website With SEO

Are you eager to know how to get free traffic to your website with SEO?

If your answer is yes! then this article is just for you.

We know how to grab traffic to your website than ever before. And we are sharing our knowledge with you.

Getting the traffic from high-quality sites is the main reason to learn how to use Search engine optimization for generating traffic towards your website.

SEO directly impacts the power to boost sales. By reaching the audience who are actually interested in your service or product. Seo is way more beneficial than paid advertising.

Well, let’s come to the point. Below mentioned are 7 components to your plan to build a powerful SEO strategy.


Website audit

The initial step in How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website With SEO is to audit your site. If your site is difficult to navigate or irreverent, all your hard work will be for nothing. Check out your all website links to check if there is may unsavory link showing 404 page not found.

Check all the pictures on your website for tags on all website pages, there are various free website scanner tools available on the internet that you can use to find these errors. Make sure that all the information is applicable to the keywords you are inserting. Or else visitors of your website will feel misguided.

Is your site is safe and secure? It will turn users off in case if it’s not, and discourage them from sharing there private information. Get a security clearance so that your site visitors can feel secure providing there private information on your site.


Website optimization

The next step in How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website With SEO is to optimize your site.your site must be in right sequence, thus it is very simple for both bots and humans to go through it effectively.

First, make sure your site is speedy, speedy. Dope Site makes users impatient and they click away immediately from the website page. There are some tools online that can check your site’s speed.

After this, focus on content. Are your contents/articles tied to page titles? Both bots and humans think negatively of being cheat by a captivating headline, only to visit at a content that fails to attract readers.

Make the most of the tags. Create URLs that are similar to your topic. Create enticing meta descriptions, creative descriptive as well as a relatable tag for each page. This Will surely increase search engine click-through rates.

At last, lay out your website sensibly. So that visitors should be easily able to find what they’re looking for.


Optimize Your Website for the Search Engines

This Is the basic of the SEO system. If you truly want to boost website traffic then, first you have to ensure your website content is fully optimized. If the content of your website is not optimized, then the traffic will be only temporary. Optimizing your website is important for ranking on top in SERPs, however also for enhancing your site visitors experience and your own online presence.

By optimizing your website, it becomes more popular and relevant to a customer’s search query. As you know Search engine optimization is all about creating effective, strong web presence and creating a brand awareness that will be awarded higher SERPs. Strong optimization of a website involves creating and finding a balance between the creative and the technical side of things. If you will be successful at maintaining this balance, then your site will be looked more by customers and search engines.


Evaluate website performance

This is the third step in how to get How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website With SEO is to evaluate site performance. It is important to check the performance of your website. What is the average time of readers on site? How much traffic does it receive now?

If you are observing lots of traffic of visitors, however there time on your site is just a few seconds, it’s the time to make content creative. Knowing about these metrics offer you a sight of what you are doing and what else is specifically needs to work on.


Keyword research

Searching for the best keywords is important. Good keywords used in the content are the perfect way of getting traffic towards your site. Once you know about your targeted buyer, then try to know what made them come here, what kind of content or words would they have searched?

Once you come to know about this, then look out for keywords that are popular and competitive. Prepare a list and write down all these explanations so that you will come to know the needs of your customers. Use long-tail-keywords, short phrases, in place of a single word.

By continuously inserting long-tail keywords in your site content, in this way you will be able to reach the right segments of buyers that you need, and grow out that are not a fit.


Q&A Sites

If your business has an online presence, then surely you will get a bunch of questions from your existing and potential clients. No matter you have an custom software development website or a content-based site, people will ask questions that should be answered. In place of giving them a short answer to each question by simple text or email, it is better to write a brief content covering the issues and concerns of your site users.


Organic keywords traffic

An organic keyword is a keyword that is used to attract more traffic through SEO. they contrast with PPC( pay per click) keyword. To drive traffic by SEO, you first need to optimize your content for organic keywords. Organic keywords are the term people used to search what they are looking for.

If the term that users are searching for doesn’t come anywhere in your website you are likely not to rank for that term. Thus, organic keyword research is extremely important. First, you need to find the organic keywords that people use often to search for products, contents so that you can optimize your website pages for those specific organic keywords.

There are so many tools to find organic keywords to use in your website’s content. By that, you can easily find real keywords data that will surely boost your website traffic.



This is the fifth step in How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website With SEO is to start blogging. It is one of the best and the effective way to reach the new and existing audience. By blogging regularly can boost your site traffic in a very speedy way.

In a blog must remember to insert all the targeted keywords. Use them correctly is yet another best way to grab tons of traffic towards your website.


Social shares

This is one of the effective and easy steps to increase site traffic. Reaching to the immense audience is an amazing way to boost traffic to your site. Once you start making keyword-rich content that is similar to your service and product, share it and expand your brand!

Share it on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc. your content will get more views, more comets, and more likes. The more your site traffic will rise and the stronger your ranking in SEO will grow.


Content promotion

Content promotion is yet another way of getting a good amount of traffic towards your website. It is not as simple as it sounds. You spend weeks writing your blogs in a right manner, the next step you do is to share it on facebook, twitter, and other social sites to get some more traffic. Again after a week, you do the same sharing to get little more traffic. Buy when you check your google analytics and see your post still has no traffic.

People are not noticing that content you have worked so hard on.

And that’s a big problem. Actually, the solution is social traffic.

You need a content promotion plan and a social media presence that grabs new visits and gets your blog more visibility. Buy with the use of right tools, it’s really not possible to grab traffic in social media.

Posting a fresh and engaging content won’t bring in a number of visitors unless you have an established following on social media.



Increase backlinks can speedily boost the website traffic. Backlinks are links what others add a link in there on there site of yours. If you tied-up with the popular site which already has a good traffic. Then in this way, they can suggest to there readers visit your site by backlinking there content of your site.

Search engine feels good to see backlinks. The more backlinks you add to your site, the higher it will rank. For example, guest blog posting is a great way by which you can get so many backlinks.


Why is SEO an important marketing initiative?

1. SEO builds credibility

Consumers crave authenticity and reliability in there vendors, using SEO helps them consistently get to know about there service or brand.

2. SEO increase brand awareness

The more your brand is popular the more buyers become comfortable buying from you. SEO helps your brand and services to reach out millions of people so they come to know about your brand. And this result in increasing sales and traffic towards site.

3. SEO increases customer base

Companies that functioned only in small areas have opened themselves by learning how to use Seahcegine optimization.

Hopefully, you understood How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website With SEO to drive immense traffic to your site.