Every human being wants to fulfil his inquisitiveness by gathering information and getting knowledge. This human thirst is eternal as we know people in all ages have travelled extensively and worked hard tirelessly in search of knowledge.

In the prehistoric times, people used to search for masters where their thirst for knowledge would quench but in today’s times, when access to internet is just some fingertips away, they have websites. Good thing is that there are websites which are particularly free Q & A sites.

Whether it is about your willingness to find something new, get your query satisfied by asking a question or obtain exact information on a subject, all you need to do is type in your query or question in the box provided and you will get a detailed answer to your question. This no-brainer process of asking questions and getting answers has many advantages.

Benefits of Q&A Site for SEO:

One of the most amazing benefits of Q&A site is its effect in terms of SEO. You can experience a drastic rise in web traffic and the best aspect here is that the traffic is organic. That is because millions of real users come on Q&A sites and they provide real inputs. These inputs are insightful answers to the questions raised by other users. To enjoy these benefits, you should check the best and most promising Q & A websites list free.

Your presence on Q & A sites can bring your name as an expert. When readers feel the answers are relevant, of high-quality and elaborate, they start looking for your answers and so you earn the identity of an expert. This identity can bring you more enquiries which eventually leads to your professional growth in some field.

How to use Q&A Websites for Link building:

SEO experts know that Q&A websites can be incredibly beneficial in link building and drawing good traffic to their website. They suggest some easy to use but effective methods for this purpose.

One important advice is to expand your keyword research. A valuable tip for this is to add the Question and Answer website to keyword research too so that your search phrases and keywords can be more specific.

A free Q&A website promises pack of advantages but for that, you should have a content strategy. Having a strategy helps you in crafting audience focused content and once you add links, it pull many more visitors and does link building for you.

Best question-and-answer websites:

There are many Question-and-answer websites which are not only authentic and popular but are beneficial as well. Quora is already a known website where people raise their query by way of a question and get answers. Answerbag and Busuu are also popularly used for this purpose. You may also find Memrise and Yahoo Answers to be useful as some of the best question and answer websites.


Guidelines for Question-Answer Sites:

As mentioned above, it is not difficult to get Q & A websites list free for submission and getting benefitted. You may find guidelines mentioned with each site. Following them, you can starting posting questions or answers depending upon your requirement.

You have the choice to read questions raised by different users and can provide apt answers to them. You are allowed to use backlinks but you need to check the posting guidelines for that.

Having learned about the immense benefits that come bundled with the Question-and-answer sites, you may profitably use them and draw advantages.