Link Wheel – A Powerful SEO Technique
Search Engine Optimization

Link Wheel – A Powerful SEO Technique

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the prime objective every online marketing approach. Drawing maximum outcomes in terms of organic traffic, earning a high search engine rank and obtaining the best business advantage are evident outcomes of a good SEO approach. To ensure success to their efforts, they adopt various SEO strategies and these techniques strategies are aligned with the prevailing search algorithms of Google and other search engines. Among all, link wheel strategy for ranking higher is profoundly sought.

Any strategy or technique in SEO is taken up with a specific purpose. But implementing it, you must weigh the pros and cons of it and try to analyse how this targeted strategy will favour your SEO campaign. Link wheel, for instance, is chosen for a variety of reasons and its obvious advantages.

However, this is an expert technique and therefore, needs professional intervention for gaining the highest rewards from your online marketing project. This article takes you deeper and explains everything you must know in view of Link Wheel and why it is a power technique in SEO.

What is a Link Wheel?

As the name suggests, link wheel in SEO refers to a sort of network of backlinks generating from different websites or web pages. It is beneficial by manifolds and that’s why SEO professionals use it as an online marketing strategy. The backlinks thus created are circulated in the form of a cycle or wheel and the traffic thus generated on the website is organic. This eventually boosts the rank in SERP or search engine result page.

The next question you might have here is – where are those backlinks placed and from where does the wheel generate? Well, the links that lead to the central website get generated from different sites, let’s call satellite websites, and these are social media posts, bookmarking sites, blogs, article directories, web 2.0 websites, or other content shared through social media. Every satellite website is linked with the main website and in a way creates a sort of wheel or circular path of interconnected backlinks.

Link Wheel is considered a powerful technique because it is risk free as the traffic is generated from authentic and organic sources, provided precautions are taken. All it needs for you to create link wheel is some hard work in creating content on a regular basis. The work done now pays off in the longer run.

Building an Effective Link Wheel

Building a link wheel is a process of various steps. In addition, you need to take care of the two most significant facets – the relevance of links and their quality. You cannot reap the benefits of link wheel without paying attention to these aspects.

As explained above, by creating a link wheel, you mean creating around ten or more sources in the form of content (blogs, article directories, social media posts, etc.) on a your business interest and then linking them together in the form of a link. For example, you write a blog as your Site A at the first step. Then include a link in it which takes the reader to Site B. In similar fashion, a link generated in the content at Site B takes the reader to Site C, and so on.

In other words, this can be understood in its easiest form as Site A -> Site B -> Site C -> Site D -> Site E -> and then back to Site A. This way the cycle begun at Site A gets completed at Site E and so the link wheel is complete.

To make sure that the link wheel you build is effective you must keep some factors in mind:

  • Make sure the content published on your blogs, social media sites, articles, etc. is of high quality. Search engines love only the best content and that increases chances of ranking your site high.
  • Make sure you don’t overdo backlinks in the content. If needed, take the help of some professional SEO services Pune to know this better.
  • Make sure you maintain a regular flow of this technique. This is needed to draw assured and continual benefits from your online marketing campaign.


Benefits of Link Wheels in SEO

By now, you must have realized some definite advantages of using link wheels and must be tempted to try using it as soon as possible. But before you go, better you know about some lesser known aspects too about them.

  • Increased Visibility and traffic:

That obviously is an evident one right? Increasing visibility of your website and drawing traffic is actually your number one priority and so you got to implement this technique. Undoubtedly, your effort works favourably and bolsters your website’s visibility in SERP or search engine results pages. When that happens, you start earning genuine visitors and more traffic at your website and increased leads.

  • Improved Search Engine Rankings:

The second foreseeable aspect is good search engine rank. Link wheel strategy for ranking higher will always be on your mind whenever you initiate this technique. You don’t need to be told now what a good search engine ranking means to you and your business. Anything that brings you a good rank in search engines is always welcome and is true about link wheels.

Whenever search engine will find content that is relevant to your business, has interesting content with genuine information and has backlinks placed correctly, it will naturally rank you’re the webpages of your website high. Link wheel turns out to be extremely instrumental in this respect and helps you improve your search engine rank.

  • Cost-Effective:

Another lucrative aspect in this regard is – this technique is pretty cost-effective. You don’t have to spend like a sailor to create a link wheel because it is unlike any paid advertisements. A little consistency and sincere initiative are enough.

Link Wheel vs. Traditional Link Building

Link wheel and traditional link building both are variety of approaches but they are meant to acquire backlinks and facilitated the purpose of search engine optimization (SEO). In a link wheel, you generate creating a network of interlinked web pages or sites and help enhance the search engine rank of yoru targeted website. So while the central website is in focus, you create links from different web 2.0 properties or satellite websites which are taken to the central site.

The objective of doing so is to manipulate Google algorithm as this method generates a sort of credible popularity with the help of links interconnected. Some people consider link wheels as an outdated and risky approach for the reason that search engines are now smarter in detecting manipulative link building approaches and there is a chance of penalizing too.

Professional SEO services Pune use traditional link building to bring more quality. This method assures high-quality backlinks from the chosen sources and the links are considered authoritative by the search engines. As part of this strategy, you may involve more organic methods like guest blogging and include content marketing, engage people from social media engagement, and also directory submissions. The traffic thus created is also natural because the content is considered to be valuable and it creates relationships and promotes a website using different social networking sources and online channels.

Tips for Successful Link Wheel Implementation

Expert tips are important when approaching link wheels. If not practices, you may go through stumbling blocks and your campaign may distract.

  • Make sure you draw backlinks only from authentic sources.
  • Choose only the best and recognized article directories to send content.
  • Be regular and maintain a discipline in publishing content for generating backlinks through the link wheel.
  • Involve a specialized agency, or a high quality content producer, to make sure your content is liked by the search engines.
  • Keep checking search engine algorithms from time to time because search algorithms change periodically.



In short, link wheel can certainly be a powerful SEO technique in terms of your online marketing campaign. However, it is important to know this technique inside out. While counting on its advantages, you should not forget that this is not a fool-proof method and there might be loopholes if you ignore caution points as mentioned above. Last but not least; it is always safe and smart to take the help of the best SEO Company India and keep your head above the water. Remember – this is one of the various approaches used in SEO and so, you should continue your other initiatives. Link wheel is yet another profitable tool among all other techniques you comprise in your online marketing plan.