How To Measure The Success Of A PR Campaign?
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How To Measure The Success Of A PR Campaign?

How To Measure The Success Of A PR Campaign?

Search Engine Optimization

As you execute your PR campaign and seek the desired traction, it is important to see if it was successful. Earlier, it took a lot of work for brands to devise ways to measure the success of a PR campaign. However, thanks to digitization, doing so has now become simple and accessible. Over time, several effective PR evaluation methods have helped brands analyze their PR campaigns’ effectiveness. Measuring the success of your PR campaign helps you understand its flaws, analyze the elements that worked, and identify the areas where you can improve. It also helps you quantify your campaign’s success and set standards for the future.  Here are a few important ways to measure the success of a PR campaign:


Analyzing Media Mentions


Even if you have yet to learn how to measure the success of a PR campaign, the most effective way to get an idea about it is to look at media mentions. PR is all about media houses covering your brand and its stories. Once you execute your PR campaign, go through all media mentions across multiple platforms. This should give you a rough idea of your PR campaign’s success.  However, please note that the quality and content of these media mentions are more important than the number of mentions your brand receives. Your PR campaign can be hailed successful only if the content of the media mentions is in sync with your marketing objectives.


Social Media Engagement


Social media optimization is an important element of a digital PR campaign. In the age of digitization, it is only possible to have a holistic marketing impact by tapping into the right social media platforms. As you execute your PR campaign, keep track of the social media engagement you receive.This engagement can be quantified using the likes you get, the comments people write, and the shares you get for your posts. Social media traction is often an important barometer for your audience’s interest in your brand. Again, it is important to understand that social media engagement is fruitful only if it is in your brand’s favor. You will need your PR agency to handle the crisis and uphold your brand’s reputation if there is any backlash.


Website Traffic


This is one of the most important digital PR evaluation methods for lead generation. If you have added a link to your website to your online press release, PR article, or social media post, analyzing your website traffic will help you measure your campaign’s success.Along with the number of people visiting their websites, brands are also often interested in knowing where their audience is. Especially if you are targeting a specific region for your PR campaign, you can do so, too. For example, if you had linked your PR article to your website designed for the people of Mumbai, PR agency in Mumbai will help you ensure that you attract more local traffic.


Lead Conversions


While the primary purpose of most PR campaigns is not to boost sales, it is always an important evaluation metric to see how well your campaign has performed. After executing your campaign, your PR agency will help you track the captured and converted leads from multiple platforms.  It is important to note that lead conversions sometimes refer to sales. They are associated with the call-to-action on your website. A prospect landing on your website, filling out a form, giving you a call, or sharing their email address can also be considered a lead conversion. 


Brand Mentions


As the name suggests, brand mentions refer to the number of times your brand is mentioned on multiple media platforms. It involves analyzing external entities using your brand’s name in their articles, blogs, social media pages, discussions, or other forums. More brand mentions imply that people are talking about your brand, hinting toward the success of your PR campaign. However, brand mentions can be deceptive. While you analyze the number of times your brand is mentioned on multiple media platforms, ensure that people have done so positively. In the age of information and omnipresent social media influence, it doesn’t take much for a brand’s image to be tarnished by a few mentions.


Sales Figures


If you want to look beyond lead conversions, your sales figures can also help you measure your PR campaign’s success. From the day you started executing your PR campaign, track the growth in your revenue to see how your PR campaign helped you boost your sales.However, this can get a little complicated as it is difficult to see which sale resulted from your PR campaign. Under such circumstances, you can see the sales trends before your PR campaign and attribute the change in these trends to your PR campaign. 


Backlinks To Your Website


Backlinks are the links added to external blogs, articles, and other online content that lead to your website. While this metric is used to analyze SEO campaigns, it proves helpful in measuring your PR campaign’s success. If you have implemented a digital PR campaign with online press releases and articles, you should look for backlinks to see how successful your campaign was.


Market Surveys


PR is about improving your brand’s image in your market. Market surveys give you the bigger picture and analyze how your target audience has responded to your campaign. It shows you the impact your PR campaign has had on multiple stakeholders in your market, including suppliers, customers, competitors, and many more entities directly or indirectly linked to your brand. 


The Final Word

These are a few important ways to measure the success of your PR campaign. Make sure you keep track of your campaign’s performance regularly to make necessary changes and make the most of your resources. Team up with the best PR agency to give you the love and traction of the public across the board!