Blogging is not a new term in today’s internet oriented world. Micro blogging is another form of blogging itself, but we may call it its shorter format. This article extensively covers the topic.

What is Microblogging?

The usual, popularly known blog, is just another kind of article with individual views expressed in its content. Length of a traditional blog can be anywhere between 500 to 1000 words or even more. On the other hand, a microblog is short as its name indicates and you may find a microblog below 300 words. You may conveniently know about the online places with the help of list of microblogging sites where shorter format blogs are submitted.

Usage and Impact of Micro Blogging:

One prominent usage of microblogging is the ability to directly connect with your audience – the consumers or end users. For example, you write content about your business and produce content yourself, and then you post your content on a free microblogging site, you create room for a direct engagement with your customers. This is an amazing opportunity for you to create a reputation and make your brand identifiable.

You may also know the customers’ perspectives directly from them and take care of their queries or dissatisfactions if any. You may use variety of tools and techniques like generating a poll to know the views of audience or obtaining feedback from your users.

Micro Blogging Tools and Technologies:

Your microblogging can be immensely effective and can draw maximum advantage to your promotions provided you know about the right microblogging tools and use them. One of the earliest known microblogging sites is Twitter and its popularity has not decreased even today. Instagram and Pinterest too are amazing for microblogging, however there is a list of microblogging sites which are not known to many.

Some names in this list include co-op,, Obayoo, Snipia, WorkSimple, Jaiku, Socialcast, etc. You can pick from among them and start microblogging soon.

Marketing and Branding Strategies on Micro Blogging Platforms:

Experts say that good quality and engaging content is the success secret in marketing and branding through microblogging. You might be on the most promising microblogging platform but the benefits can be reaped only with effective, concise and engaging stuff which is focused on your brand, the products or services.

They also advice that you should use the right hashtags to enhance the reach of your blog and speak on the hottest or trending subjects. It is equally important to closely monitor what’s going on over those platforms.

Future Trends in Micro Blogging:

Microblogging holds the trend of future. You may observe a free microblogging site from those hundreds of sites out there and it becomes challenging for you to spot them. The future belongs to multimedia and so it is a good thought to include images, videos, audios, etc. with your content in microblogging.

Looking to the advantages of microblogging, you will want to dive into the pool of options available for microblogging. With a little care and some research, you will convincingly find the best microblogging platforms and accordingly, the benefit.