Articles have long been a great source of spreading information, generating awareness and promoting something among the masses. The art of article writing emerged many centuries ago but it was limited to published media at a time when internet did not exist. However, as the time changed, technology evolved and access to internet also eased, publishing views by way of articles became possible and simpler through free article submission sites.

Earlier, people had to wait for weeks, even months, to see their article published in a newspaper, magazine or book. But today, you can write your article and get it published almost instantly. This facility carries a lot of advantages, particularly in the form of promotions, which is why businesses create content especially meant for circulation through the websites available for article submission.

What is Article Submission?

If you run a business and want to market your products and services, you can use article submission as part of content marketing. If you have a good hand on writing, you may produce it yourself; if not, get the content for articles written by a ghost writer. Next, the article is to be added to one or multiple article submission websites.

There are a lot of popular sites where article submission is done. Your article provides you the opportunity for off-page SEO and get the content flowing through third-party websites. Most sites are free for submission so your effort is limited to produce good quality content for the article. Once written and the submitted, you can just enjoy the benefits of article submission.

Benefits of Article Submission Sites

Free submission on the article submission portals is one of the foremost advantages in your favour. Moreover, there are many other advantages as by-products. First, you get your brand promoted as the content does advertising and ensures increase in your reach because the article gets circulated to many readers.

Second, when you submit your article on the paid or free article submission sites, you have the option to choose the category that is, your business, product or service. This helps your article easy to be searched as readers can spot the exact category of their choice and read your post.

As a lesser known benefit of article submission, you get recognition if you are a writer yourself and produce content for your brand. Such recognition makes you a subject matter expert and opens many more prospects of interaction.

Different Types of Online Article Submission Sites:

With growing awareness of the advantages of article submission and its viability in terms of marketing, article submission has become a diverse area. You may find article submission websites meant for specific purposes where marketers, writers, entrepreneurs, etc. specifically come to submit their articles.

There of course are the general posting sites where all types of articles are welcome. Whatever your area of specialization, subject of interest, business, product or brand, you can submit your article here and get a huge audience to catch up the content.

But, you may also choose such online places or sites for article submission which are industry specific. For example, if you are into FMCG industry and write article regularly around the business, you can find sites particularly meant for that. On the other hand, if you are into digital marketing, search websites where articles around digital marketing are invited.

There also are niche-specific sites which leverage article marketing. All you need to do is just know which niche you are into and get your content flowing through these free article submission sites.

The better you get with finding the most prospective sites according to your industry or niche, the more advantage you are likely to draw. Naturally, you get a wider audience for your submitted content which further brings more traffic on your business website.


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Tips for Using Article Submission Sites

Article submission does not sound to be a very tedious job and does not call for any high level technical expertise. However, there are some tips which you can keep handy and use them while implementing article submission as a marketing strategy. These are expert tips with proven results.

  • There are some authentic and well recognized free article submission sites which don’t approve your article instantly. That shouldn’t panic you because the website moderators take extra care in checking the quality of your article.
  • Never rely entirely on just one or two sites. Choose a large mix of sites to submit your articles. This allows you to keep a track of the extent of benefit you are drawing from which site.
  • It is a good idea to submit your article on instant approval sites too as your content can start moving quickly while some other sites are waiting to approve.