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In a market as dynamic as India, it is important for brands to dominate all marketing channels to get the traction they desire. With the increasing adoption of digital platforms in the country, more and more people have started using search engines for seeking information. Google has become a common go-to option for individuals looking for specific products and services. This has made it important for businesses to look for a reliable SEO Expert in India to help them create a robust digital marketing campaign.

The ever-increasing Google searches made by internet users are nothing but untapped opportunities for Indian businesses. If you are able to get to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) with organic SEO, your brand is bound to get a boost in value and visibility.


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Freelance SEO Expert In India


If you are willing to make the steep climb to the top of Google search results with the best SEO expert in India, you have landed on the right page! Our team of SEO experts helps you optimize your website and every page therein to get it ranked high on the SERPs. We understand the goals you want to achieve, the ROI you are targeting, and the customers that you are willing to cater to before charting out an SEO campaign for you.

As your freelance SEO expert in India, our team is always ready to provide you with end-to-end SEO services whenever you need them. The flexibility and scalability of our digital marketing services allow us to start with the projects as soon as we are on board.

At MF, we believe in optimizing websites for the users and not for the crawlers.

What We Have To Offer

On-page SEO Services

On-page SEO services are targeted towards making changes within your website and web pages to optimize them for search engines. As your Indian SEO expert, Mumbai-Freelancer helps you work on the right HTML codes, make necessary changes to the source code, use the right tags for images, write adequate descriptions, and make other important changes to your website to get it ranked high on SERPs.

Did you find the terms mentioned above confusing? Not to worry! Our SEO professionals would explain to you all the processes as and when they are carried out for your project.

Website Audit And Analysis

Having a thorough understanding of a website is always important before running an SEO campaign for it. After coming on board as your SEO expert in India, our team would conduct an extensive audit and analysis of your website to prepare an organized plan of action.

This helps us understand the existing status of your website and ascertain where it should be taken through our SEO services. Website audit and analysis also help us identify the prevailing issues with your website that need to be resolved in order to get a better ranking on SERPs. You can rest assured that our SEO experts would guide you every step of the way and provide you with all technical assistance in improving your website.

Keyword Research And Analysis

Without using the right keywords, your prospects and customers will never be able to locate your website on the internet. It is these words and phrases that help internet users navigate through search engines and find the solutions they are looking for.

Being your trusted SEO expert in India, our team helps you choose the best keywords for your website and target them to help internet users find your business on search engines. Also, we help you in determining the volume, density, and difficulty of different keywords to be used in your website’s content. Adequate use of the right keywords always gives a great boost to a website’s rankings.

Competitor Evaluation Analysis

The Indian market (both digitally and on the ground) is brimming with cut-throat competition. Irrespective of the products or services you provide, there will always be a competitor providing similar offerings to your target audience. This makes it important to keep a track of your competitors to excel in the market you operate in.

As your Indian SEO expert, Mumbai-Freelancer helps you analyze your competitors and their SEO strategies to get an edge over them. We provide you with case studies of businesses that have done exceedingly well and the ones that have failed to create their niche in the market. This would allow you to incorporate fruitful practices and avoid the mistakes committed by your competitors.

Engaging Content Creation

Search engines depend a lot on the content posted on your website to rank them on the SERPs. Google always prefers pages with unique, relevant, and engaging content over the ones with a plagiarized or generic write-up.

In order to optimize your website for search engines, our team of writers helps you create content that is original, engaging, and relevant to your business. We also ensure that the targeted keywords are placed strategically within the content to help the crawlers index your website better.

As your SEO expert in India, our team helps you write engaging blogs, articles, landing pages, infographics, and a range of content pieces that make for an interesting read for your audience.

Link Building

Off-page SEO is impossible without quality link building. Our SEO professionals help you build quality links and increase Unique Root Domains for your website to increase its reliability and authority for being ranked. To keep track of how well other businesses are doing in the market, we also help you analyze the backlinks built by your competitors.

Periodic Reporting

As your SEO expert in India, our team takes note of all the processes undertaken throughout your SEO campaign and provides you with periodic reports regarding the same. These reports help you assess the efficiency with which specific metrics were dealt with and how effective we were in helping you achieve your objectives.

Moreover, detailed reports help you quantify the results obtained and calculate the ROI generated from the SEO campaign. This helps the management take important decisions regarding the changes to be made in your digital marketing strategies.

We strongly believe that Google will love your brand only if others love it first. Create an amazing brand value that lasts with our SEO services.

Why Choose Us As Your SEO Experts?

Sticking To Google Updates

All our SEO services are in sync with the updates and guidelines rolled out by Google. Our team of experts helps you keep a track of these regulations that are frequently updated by Google. Staying in sync with Google Webmaster Guidelines allows you to tailor your website in a way that it is ranked higher by the search engine giant. This also helps you get an edge over your customers without any unnecessary delays.

Skilled SEO Experts

With Mumbai-Freelancer on board, you can rest assured to be provided with quality SEO services by a team of skilled and experienced professionals. Right from conducting market researches to creating engaging content, our team takes care of every activity that goes into executing an ideal SEO campaign.

Need Analysis

Before starting with your project, we undertake a thorough need analysis to help you get the desired outcome. Our strategies are based on your budget requirements, the audience you are targeting, the metrics you want to focus on, and several other factors that shape your SEO campaign.

Transparency In Services

Being your SEO expert in India, our team ensures complete transparency in the services provided. You can rest assured that every detail regarding every step taken would be discussed with you. We would take no action without your consent.

Cost-effective Services

We care about your budget as much as you do! Our SEO services are priced at reasonable rates that would help you market your offerings without putting a burden on your treasury. We would chart out an ideal package based on your specific requirements and the funds you are willing to allocate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine optimization is a comprehensive process of making your website rank high on the SERPs. This involves optimizing your website and promoting it in a way that matches Google’s ranking factors. At present, Google uses more than 200 ranking factors that determine the authority of a website and its ranking on the results pages.
The cost of SEO depends on multiple factors, including the tools to be used, the time taken for execution, and more. At Mumbai-Freelancer, we create a personalized package for you based on your business needs and budget requirements.
Google penalties refer to the negative changes made to the ranking of your website. You are likely to get these penalties if you violate Google Webmaster Guidelines. Broadly, there are two types of Google penalties – manual action penalties and Algorithmic penalties.
Manual action penalties, as the name suggests, are the Google penalties charges due to manual actions. These penalties are charged by people working for Google and reviewing the cases manually.
On the other hand, algorithmic penalties (or adjustments) are the automated actions taken by the ranking algorithm of Google. Here, the set of algorithms and software detect specific manipulations on websites and filter them accordingly. Depending on the severity of these manipulations, the concerned websites fall down in SERP rankings.
The time taken for a website to rank on Google depends on several factors, including the performance of the competitors, the SEO tools used, the keywords used, the quality of content, and more. It is never possible to get your website to the top of SERPs overnight with organic SEO.
Starting from scratch, it often takes around six months to one year for a website to rank high on Google SERPs. The process could be faster or slower based on the factors mentioned above.
In 2016, Google had merely three ranking factors for indexing websites – content, links, and RankBrain. However, this number has increased significantly over time.
Here are some of the most important ranking factors considered by Google that affect SEO:
  • • Bounce rate
  • • Direct site visits
  • • Pages per session
  • • Time on site
  • • Total backlinks
  • • Total follow-backlinks
  • • Keywords in anchor
  • • Keywords in body
Businesses often assume that posting regular content and driving engagement on social media platforms affect a website’s ranking on SERPs. Social media platforms are not directly responsible for the ranking of a website. However, the website’s links shared across social media platforms help you increase the exposure of your brand.
Although the sharing of your posts across social media platforms does not impact the ranking of your website, it allows you to reach out to your target audience and persuade them to visit your website. As the number of visits to your website increases, it leads to your site getting ranked high on SERPs.
It is never advisable to buy links to obtain better rankings on Google. This is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and would result in your site getting penalized. It is always advisable to earn your links instead of buying them.
It is a common misconception that longer content leads to better Google rankings. In essence, it is important to post content that justifies your purpose and conveys your message effectively. If you have structured the content well and added the right keywords, you need not worry about the length of the content. However, it is always advisable to keep the length of the content neither too long nor too short.
In order to create SEO-friendly content, it is important to use the right keywords after adequate research and analysis. Make sure that your content is not stuffed unnecessarily with keywords that add little to no meaning to the context. Also, always remember that SEO-friendly content is unique, original, and easy for the readers to comprehend. This helps the crawlers index your website better on the SERPs.

We strongly believe that Google will love your brand only if others love it first. Create an amazing brand value that lasts with our SEO services.

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