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Our SEO Strategy reaped excellent Traffic and Visibility results for a Leading Travel Services Provider.

With our in-depth Seo strategy, we achieved a 65% increase in Organic Traffic, 2000 page views per month, and 17k impressions per month.

We also ensured that 80% of targeted keywords for travel services are ranking in SERP, out of which 40% are ranking on the first page of Google SERP.

About Project

Asthavinayak yatra is a Mumbai-based Asthavinayak itinerary service provider that offers purely Asthavinayak tours across three cities – Pune Mumbai and Nasik.

The unique selling point of Asthvinayak was that it provides its services By both Bus and Car travel. In addition, Ashthavinayak offers two main packages. 1 Night 2 days stay, and two nights three days stay. In comparison to competitive tour packages, Asthavinayak is known for its best-in-class tour packages and cost-effective stay and travel.

The company tour package includes a yatra that starts from Nasik, Pune, and Mumbai – based on where customers want to travel. The tour and travel from these cities start every weekend from Friday.


From what we know about the client, the tour company is very professional from the tours and travel niche. Their main goal was to get more visitors to their website from customers looking for tours and travels.

Their strategy required a high organic search volume and Domain authority in Google search, i.e., SERP.

The aim was to get the client’s site more exposure for brand awareness. But, at the same time, the site has to be useful and reachable to a large volume of potential buyers. This is because the Ashtavinayak yatra is conducted by many vendors from Pune, Mumbai and other cities. We had to state the value addition of the client so that it is highlighted by SEO in the weekly market on a large scale. The client was expecting a good volume of search results for all its locations among local market searches.

SEO Process

We began our seo process by having a joint meeting with our client. The goal was to convince them about the Site ranking methods and approaches which will be beneficial in their case.
The outcome of the meeting was that we had to work on the basic Keyword research and analysis for all the available tour packages at all locations.
We did in-depth competitor research for this. We also looked at customer inputs for the market behavioral study. Finally, we built a strategy around the stiff competition of famous tour holiday destinations of 2 or 3 days.
We classified all the Asthavinayak weekend services keywords and looked at the categories separately.
We studied the keywords and jotted a plan to rank the keywords for the ‘1 N / 2D’ and ‘2N / 3D’ tour package of this client.
We also explored the keyword possibilities of the Yatra by Car tour option very well. In addition, we worked out the ranking strategy for effective guest posting, Blogs and Local business directory submission, local listings, social bookmarking techniques, etc.

In just a few months, we received many search entries and a lead with the company via this SEO Strategy. The SEO taking this project was challenging.
To ensure that we have continuous results, we update our on-page content with all types of Meta tag analysis, internal linking, anchor texting, web content curation, etc. Apart from this, Social platform marketing, Directory registering, etc. These joint activities in tandem for the site brought results that increased search volume.

At MF, we believe in optimizing websites for the users and not for the crawlers.

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