Popular Search Engine Alternatives to Google
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Popular Search Engine Alternatives to Google

A world operating without search engines would now seem no less than a fantasy. As far as the world on the web is considered, Google keeps up its position as the king ruling over the well-featured kingdom of search engines and web browsers. Although most of the users prefer Google as the most reliable search engine, there are many who seek opportunities for change.

Many internet users in the world may be unaware of the fact that they have a fully-fledged long list of numerous other search engine alternatives to get away from the Google niches. With an easy-to-use interface, powerful algorithms, personalized user experience, and an effective and dominant advertising platform, Google has managed to creep into millions of lives.

Moreover, a change is often necessary and it can be worth from various perspectives. Also, it’s easy when you talk about search engines. There are dozens of alternatives that can be utilized as perfect Google alternatives.


Best Search Engine Alternatives to Google

There are numerous search engine alternatives operating on the web. Many of them could function really well, however, remained unpopular over all these years. Here’s a list of those:



Microsoft’s search engine Bing, formerly called Windows Live Search and MSN Search had been the second most popularly used search engine on the web. Bing is a far more visual search engine that allows users to utilize various tools, offering opportunities to earn different Bing Rewards that can be used to enter into sweepstakes and like gift cards. It offers some of the most reliable search results and hence is the most preferred behind Google.



Yahoo had actually been the resident of the web much before the existence of Google. It is however not far behind in the list and ranks as the third most popular search engine after Google. Yahoo provides its users with a wide range of services of different types. It could be expressed more as a web portal apart from being a standalone search engine. This makes Yahoo different from Google and Bing.



If you are too considerate about privacy and wish to prevent search engine tracking as much as possible, DuckDuckGo could prove to be a reliable option for you. The “real privacy” it maintains, without web tracking of its users is the fact that makes it a unique alternative among search engines.

You experience the cleanest and perhaps the most beautiful search experiences with DuckDuckGo. With minimum spam, you may be able to surf very easily for exactly what you need.


4. ASK

Formerly known as Ask Jeeves, this search engine is though less powerful than Bing or Google, there are many people who have loved it for the simple question and answer format it follows. Moreover, you can also use Ask as a general search engine by simply typing in the terms you want to search about rather than asking a question. It will present a list of probable results just the way Google does.



Where Google often fails to answer complicated questions appropriately, Quora is just the best for that. Following a question and answer format, Quora possess a special personal touch that lets the users reach out to best solutions. It has an erudite community that comes up with the most probable answers to a question.



Yandex counts among one of the most popular search engines used in Russia. It’s perfect to be used by people who need to translate information from one language to another more often. It features a clean look and is really easy to use. Yandex’s search result page possesses a similar yet cleaner look like that of Google. Users can also filter the results as videos or images. Yandex also offers services like Mails and Maps that are comparable to Google.



As per several websites, “Gibiru is one of the most preferred search engines for Patriots”. As per their claims, their Search results are modified from the Google algorithms. Hence, users query the information they seek without being considerate about the tracking activities of Google. It is regarded to work faster even than the NSA Search Engines as it does not install tracking cookies on the computers.


8. AOL

AOL.com is one of the most popular search engines so long. AOL comes from its name America Online which was given in 1991 to a system was known to be started as a Control Video Corporation, back in 1983. Based in New York, it is now a global mass media company. There are many more services provided by the company including AOL mail, AOL platform, and AOL advertising.



StartPage is again a similar working example like DuckDuckGo, focusing majorly on the users’ privacy. StartPage claims to be the only search engine in the world that will not track your searches or IP address. It also states that fact that its search results are more comprehensive, accurate and reliable than other search engines because of the advanced metasearch theory it works on.

It allows you to use search filters for images, videos and other advanced options creating an overall pleasant experience for the users. For convenient use, you also have an option to get StartPage as Chrome extension.



Search Encrypt is known to be a private search engine that makes use of local encryption and monitors that all searches are kept private. There are different combinations of encryptions used by it, including the AES 256 Encryption and the Secure Sockets Layer Encryption.

Whenever a query is entered, the search engine drags data from its probable network of search partners to deliver the requested information. An interesting part of the usage of this search engine is that the search terms would expire eventually. Therefore, even if someone has local access to your computer, your searches are going to remain private.



Swisscows could have opted as one of the more unique options on the list. It has been regarded as a family-friendly, semantic search engine. In context to determining a user’s theory, it utilizes artificial intelligence. Swisscows tends to answer your questions with surprisingly great levels of accuracy.



This is a unique search engine that allows you to surf for documented presentations on various topics. It can be used as a really efficient and effective tool in case you need to deal with business presentations with the excellent PDFs and eBooks it provides. It also allows you to download the entire slideshow and save slides on your local computer.



Ever thought about an environment-friendly search engine? Ecosia is the one. Many may be surprised by the fact that each of our searches contributes to an increase in CO2 levels. This issue had been dealt well by Ecosia although. The revenues that are generated by the search engine queries are used for planting trees. It requires about 45 searches for Ecosia to be able to plant a new tree.



This search engine could be better described as a message board or forum for a specific topic. If you were finding for something with a similar algorithm, then this is it. This search engine extracts its results from the various message boards and online forums. You can easily reach out to the forum you want, within a few keystrokes.



It could be a great option for researching old websites. However, it’s much more than that. It queries a large collection of documents that include books, music, free videos, and software. Internet Archive is moreover, a vast online that can help you access details about almost anything that strikes your imagination.



CC Search should probably be the first forest to hunt when you are in search of copyright-free content. This is a perfect place to meet your needs when you’re finding images for blog posts, music for videos, and in fact any type of data without the risk of anyone coming after you for reusing their work. This search engine draws in result from platforms like Flickr, Soundcloud, and WikiMedia.



This search engine is known to work with a slightly different approach that focuses on computational knowledge. Knowledge-based, analytical queries would be the best searched here. Rather than providing links to the documents and website pages, it showcases results on the basis of the data and facts it extracts from external files. Also, the result page will present the statistics, graphs, images, dates and other relevant details about the results.



Dogpile generally looks like a search engine, that’s cobbled up together with cliparts. Moreover, as far as its working is considered, it extracts and curates the search results from various search engines that include Yahoo, Google, Yandex. However, it removes the ads.



Giving up on Google would certainly mean giving up on YouTube. You will surely need to get out of this terrifying prospect. Vimeo, in that case, could be the best choice for a professional for video sharing in HD quality and that too with no probable ads.



Steaming and uploading over 100 hours of videos every minute, YouTube had been one of the most popular search engines in the world witnessing more than 3 billion searches every month. Amazingly, 14 percent of the entire Google traffic belongs to YouTube. Every month, there are about 1 billion unique searchers visiting YouTube. Whenever a video is to be found, YouTube remains the first place where a user would go. Indeed it is the greatest search engine streaming video content.

The excellent functionality of Google as a search engine is absolutely undeniable. However, the above mentioned could serve well when you’re actually looking in for a change.