By: Shailendra Kadulkar

15 Essential Ways to Improve SEO on Your WordPress Website

Search Engine Optimization

Want to improve you’re site SEO? Good practices begin with neglecting bad habits of the past. Abolish effectiveness practices and change them with strategic, keyword-focused contents, here are some best ways to do that:

SEO has changed a lot over the past decade. Now businesses have to take new initiatives to approaches to SEO. Today we are going to share  wordpress SEO tips that will assist skyrocket you’re site traffic and dominate you’re competitors.

1. Page titles

Page titles are a significant aspect of SEO and due to this, it is the first and the foremost item on our list. After various searches in the last couple of days, we have observed that Page titles are extremely important for Google SEO.

The most basic characteristics of a perfectly optimized page title are:

  • Be descriptive and brief
  • Each page requires to have a different and captivating title that exactly defines the page’s content.
  • Assist the readers to understand that the content is about
  • Homepage title should include the website or business name and other basic information like you’re business location or services offered by you’re business.
  • Use of Heading 1, Heading 2 and text formatting

Don’t just post content on you’re website without doing some basic formatting. This is not right for the user’s experience and will down you’re wordpress search engine optimization.
Using of H1 a, H2 and H# on you’re content are extremely important and beneficial. They should be used in you’re titles, meta titles, subtitles.

Basic guidelines for formatting a page on you’re website:

  • Use of H1 For the main title of you’re post
  • Use of H2 for the content main headings
  • Use italics and bold to grab users attention
  • Do not use heading 2 for all subheadings
  • Write small paragraphs
  • Use a font size and type that is easy to read and understand

While formatting you’re posts always think about the user’s experience Will user be able to find the different sections of you’re post just by looking at you’re post? Is it easy to read on all technical devices for example ipads, apple, android, tablets etc?

2. The 404 Page

This is one of the effective way in wordpress seo tips guide as Learning SEO is all about improving the user’s experience on you’re site good. what if you’re user visits you’re site and found error 404. I think this is not at all the goal of any SEO company.

First of all, understand when error 404 appear:

It showed when a visitors on you’re site is looking for a page which does not exist on you’re site or mistyped a URL. when this error occurs, it looks like this:

This is not at all good for you’re user’s experience and it gives a negative impact.

A proper configure 404 page should:

  • Have a design match with the rest of the site
  • Give some options to the visitor so that they can navigate to other pages of the website.

For example:

3. Image optimization

Images are essential to improve the visitor’s experience on the website, however, care should be taken properly not to create any side effects like slow page load.

Consider these things if you decide to post images on you’re pages:

  • Use Alt text to define the image, you can also add keywords however its not compulsory.
  • Use the keyword in you’re post image file names, neglect using filenames like person 1, image 1. It is good to use meaningful names. For illustration: Men-performing-yoga.jpg
  • Optimize the size of the image. The smaller the size the faster you’re site will load.

4. Page speed

According to Google, page that. load faster is one of the main ranking factors of any site. Yet many webmasters avoid optimizing their website speed. Google aims in providing the most perfect result to the searchers in the flashing possible way.

If a website loads less then in 4 seconds that is is more likely to:

  • Get more conversions
  • Rank higher in search results
  • Get page visits in bulk

How to handle the page speed issue?

  • Remove all unnecessary plugins from you’re pages.
  • Optimize the images that are bigger in size.
  • Use a caching plugin.
  • Visit Google page speed service there to know you’re site and get some recommendations to improve you’re site speed.
  • Site load speed is one of the very essential factors for improving the website SEO and should not be avoided at any cost.

5. Use of focus-keyword

Must remember that Google is a computer algorithm and due to this keywords still matter a lot in 2018. Definitely, you should be writing attractive and informative contents for you’re readers, buy writing is not enough. They’re are some factors that make you’re content perfect as Google recommends.

As a writer, you will write the best content by keeping SEO optimization in you’re mind. But remember whenever you write a post on you’re WordPress website you should always have a straight focus on keywords. Don’t just write and post any content. You have to search for the keywords that are optimized and SEO focused.

With the help of Yoast SEO, you can actually analyze the focus keyword density and according to that, you will come to know on which keywords you have to target.

6. Hyperlinks

When we talk about SEO, we can not avoid hyperlinks at may cost. As off-page SEO is yet another factor that plays a vital role in the latest Google ranking algorithm.

It might be quite difficult for newbies to SEO. so we have explained here in an easy way:
When Sergey Brin and Larry Page ( Google founders) have created the first google ranking algorithm, they were trying for a way to analyze websites so that the best site was shown in the top of the search results pages.

Instead of taking focus on the on-page SEO factors, they choose sites that have more hyperlinks from other websites, as they must be more essential and popular sites then others, so such site deserves a better ranking in google search result page.

Means, it is like a site that contains other site links counted like Votes of trust and this has a great impact on any website’s ranking position.

7. Broken link checker

Broken link checker is a tool that identifies may broken link available on you’re website. Broken links can have a negative impact on you’re rest link structure and offer a bad user experience. Thus, this tool allows you to find all broken links of you’re site so that you can take steps in order to fix them.

8. Mobile friendly websites

A large number of a search performed regularly are through mobile phones. According to various studies over the last 1 year, it has been observed that a number of searches done using smartphones are rising speedily especially in online shopping.

Even if you check you’re website traffic of visitors, you will see the more traffic coming from mobile devices. It is not the part of SEO but still to go in depth to know that you’re site is mobile-friendly.

Intitle thing to know I to find the difference between a native android, windows mobile, app, Android and a mobile-friendly website. Various webmasters fail to make a mobile-friendly site as they have no idea the potentials of mobile-friendly sites.

9. User-sitemap

A sitemap is a type of list of all pages/posts of you’re site, you require two types of sitemaps on you’re website. The first is an XML map to submit to bing and other search engines. The second one is an HTML sitemap that is to assist you’re site visitors to find pages/ post on you’re site easily.
It is always suggested to put a link to you’re website user sitemap.

10. XML Sitemap

You can create and make changes on you’re sitemap. It looks like this when viewed in the search engines.

HTML sitemap

The user HTML sitemap should offer links to all essential pages of you’re website. It can group posts by date, the author as well. Its objective is to assist the user easily find the information they are looking on you’re site quicker and easier.

11. Good content

A good and captivating content is always a king of any website. Read below to know about the characteristics of a good content.

Characteristics Of good content:
When people search anything on google, bing, yahoo they are actually looking for the solution or answer to their question.

They’re are two basic methods to know whether you’re content is good or not?
First, you can go through you’re site analytics and their check the users time spent on you’re site. If a reader will stay for a long time on you’re page this means you’re content is good. But if the user is not staying more then a second on you’re page this means you have to improve.
Another factor is the number of shares of you’re post. This is the best way to know what user’s need and what type of post engage them.

Tips to write good content:

Follow the below guidelines to know what makes a content good for the readers:

  • Make that you’re content should deliver what it promised in the title. Some sites put a good title to grab readers attention but inside matter is not accurate as per the title which dissatisfied the readers.
  • Check you’re spellings, typos, as well as grammar mistakes.
  • Provide hyperlink within you’re content to other pages content in order to receive more information regarding the similar topic.

12. Quality vs Quantity

Its a common question among writer “ how long the content should be? Well, there’s no particular answer to this question that fits all purposes. It mainly depends on the type of post and topic.,
Like, the post you have open use of more then 3000 words as the topic is vast that can be explained. If the topic is short like any breaking news, in that case, you can not write that much.

So, it is important to write quality content that quantity. Focus on writing quality content without counting words. As a long unfriendly content for providing mire count is not good for you’re website.

According to google content length is clear, short content can be rank well and useful.
This is exactly where quantity vs. quality comes into place. It’s better to write a quality post without counting words rather then a long unfriendly post for the sake of providing more word count.

13. Webmaster analytics and tools

Webmaster tool is a place where we can submit and register our website to their index. After its submission you can visit is central and get good and useful information about you’re site. Though its not much related to SEO when you submit you’re site to webmaster tools you get numerous benefits.

  • Its a great way to get reviews on the indexed pages
  • Its a way to make you’re site friendlier for search engines
  • Its the best way to get notified regarding potential issues like access problems that stop you’re website from dragging you’re content.

14. Check you’re internal links

External links are an important factor for SEO. It ensures that:

  • You’re site does not have any broken links
  • You are not in exchanging and selling links

15. Fresh Content

Having fresh an engaging content is a boost for readers to come back to you’re site on the search for more content on you’re site. Do not post the same topics again and again for the sake of updating you’re site every day. Try to post daily fresh content so that readers will feel excited to surf you’re site to crawl good topics.

So above I have explained the 15 Essential Ways to Improve SEO on You’re WordPress Website. Now, once you optimize you’re site for SEO by following these guidelines, the next steps are:

  • Focus on enhancing you’re website by providing more quality and captivating content.
  • Promote you’re site using some techniques that work better and are safe.

In case, if you fail with SEO optimization you’re site might not be able to run as it should be, however, if you follow properly above mentioned wordpress seo tips  you’re efforts would definitely not gone in vain.