oday thousands of businesses are coming on the web so that they can improve their business prospects but the question that needs to be asked is that; Do the business prospects actually improve by just coming online. Well the answer is no, because along with web presence one also needs excellent SEO services in Mumbai to improve their visibility and to rank higher on the search engines. SEO freelancer India at provide excellent Search Engine Optimization services not only in Pune, Mumbai and India but all across the globe. We also offer activity of link building and competitor analysis so that take care of complete maintenance of your website. We encourage customers to try our SEO services as they offer plethora of options at a reasonable price we also entertain all the customers who want customized SEO services. The can always contact us and specify their needs and we will provide them with tailor-made SEO services that will suit their specified requirements.

Our SEO Services include

  • Making SEO strategy
  • Reviewing of any existing analytics data
  • Keyword research
  • Competition analysis
  • HTML meta tags
  • SMO, blogging, etc
  • Link building services
  • Traffic analysis
  • Progress reports and reviews

Some of the advantages of using SEO strategies are


SEO freelancer in pune develops these strategies have a considerable impact and the results are measurable which means you can change, improve or eliminate activities according to your choice.


Low Costs

Advertising on social media website and investing in SEO activities is relatively cheaper than other forms of advertising like print and digital media.

Word of Mouth

The biggest advantage of advertising through PPC and SMO and SEO is that the product is mostly propagated through word of mouth, which is always better.



Research shows people would prefer an advertisement if they are not forced to watch it. In a social media and SEO activity the user has an option of skipping it, but those who do come across products are genuine customers.